Wednesday, April 24, 2013


All it takes is that one punch in your stomach to send you back into reality! Realizing you really aren't as good as your friends and family say you are. These people love you, how can they critically judge you. Apparently, this was the case in our so called "real world" yet I can "smudge sh*t on a paper and call it art"(Rob Lindeboom)
I watched a video from a poet in London, Suli Breaks, that gave me the confidence to not let them faze me yet I walked out those doors feeling like I failed ME! I worked so hard to be brought back down in only a few hours. Some things don't change they say, yes that is reality. In the words of Suli Breaks, it is worth to educate yourself but don't let schools define you.
That is why I always choose to fall and get right back up, I choose to not let them determine the fate I choose to create for me. Now I'm not ignoring the fact that the critics around me follow the outline followed by hundreds of Art schools, all written the same and I'm not saying what they teach is nonsense and pointless but I won't let it determine that my choice of creativity is a mess cause I won't follow the rest.
This isn't my final, and I don't expect nothing more or nothing less from our reality. A world of imagination where a limit is stamped only to show the limitations and standardization of what we learn and they teach!

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