Wednesday, April 24, 2013

No words

Although we seek for the words to speak in our everyday lives, on many occasions there really aren't any to justify the reasoning of whats happening. Why do we live in a world where the majority sing a song of me, is this what we were put here for? 
To understand someone you must first understand yourself, this is what we are taught. I disagree because although we sometimes may not understand ourselves we can surely observe another and begin to understand his/her actions, words and emotions. If the first statement was true, then there is no logic in scientists studying a subject if he does not understand himself first...
I surely do not get myself at times, and this problem arises in all of us, or is it a problem? Not knowing who you are at all times is actually a good thing. You can learn new things about yourself all the time and never get bored. Can you imagine living with yourself and you already know everything and understand everything about yourself? How boring!
So to conclude this quick write up, do not worry if you can't figure out who you are at all times, just embrace the moments you enjoy. Don't always assume you don't know the other person because that gut feeling or the things you've been observing can be the most trust worthy part of getting it all!

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